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What the latest huge Hawaii tourism numbers mean

The struggling Hawaii Tourism Authority released data on visitor arrivals in July. And that mirrors what we’ve seen here in the field. Even without substantial international tourism, the recovery was 92.4% compared to July 2019. Wow. There were 919,154 visitors here in the islands during this period. That is why locals and visitors also had to build bridges.

On the other hand, the costs increase, as do the expenses. Many of you feel polished and obscured while you are here. You spent $1.94 billion, up 14.3% from July 2019. July also saw the highest number of visitors since January 2020.

On average, Hawaii welcomed 277,444 visitors per day in July 2022, compared to 286,419 visitors in July 2019.

Visitors from US West Coast cities spent 45% more.

528,319 visitors arrived from the West, up 14.2% from July 2019. More importantly, they spent $973.8 million, up 45.4% from July 2019.

Visitors from the eastern United States spent 25% more.

Visitors to the U.S. East Coast rose to 249,157, up just 2.3% from July 2019. They spent $643.4 million in July 2022, up 26% from to July 2019.

International visitors were still largely absent in July.

Visitors from Japan were 134,587 visitors, down 82.8% from July 2019.

Canadian visitors totaled 25,684, -4.7% from July 2019. They spent $57.1 million, up 14% from 2019.

HTA President and CEO John De Fries said, “The significant economic recovery continued through the summer month of July, with Hawai’i seeing a significant increase in total market visitor spending. US and Canadian compared to July 2019. Travel demand from Japan is expected to gradually increase as we move into the fall and winter seasons, the recent resumption of air service between Tokyo-Kona and Tokyo- Honolulu adding to the regular return of international flights.

International visitors are about to start returning to Hawaii in droves, however.

What do you think of this statement from HTA?

“Our destination management work will continue to focus on educating visitors to travel to our islands in a conscious way as we seek to balance the economic vitality of our industry with the health of our natural environment and the well- to be from our communities. Travelers around the world have come to know and appreciate that Hawaii is indeed a special place where dreams come true.

HTA publication.


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