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Tourism in Hawaii is resuming faster than expected

HONOLULU (KHON2) — Tourism in Hawaii is picking up drastically with more than one million people visiting the islands this year compared to last.

According to Hawaii Tourism Authority over a million people flew to Hawaii in January and February and the numbers are only growing.

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Hawaii was one of the last states to get rid of their inner mask mandate after getting rid of their Safe Access Hawaii program. This means it’s now easier to buy a ticket and travel to the islands for a weekend or week-long getaway.

In January, the Hawaii Tourism Authority checked in 567,000 people by air, spending more than $1.3 million. In February, more than 623,000 people arrived by air, spending more than $1.2 million.

Tourist areas and popular attractions will once again become crowded like Waikiki Beach, the Pearl Harbor National Memorial and the International Market.

Although tourists are flocking to the islands from the mainland, Hawaii has still not seen a drastic increase in the number of international travelers. Something that could change this summer.

According to the Hawaii Tourism Authority, tourists from Canada, Europe and Japan have opted out of booking their annual Hawaii vacations since the pandemic began. For example, Japan recorded a 98.2% drop in the number of tourists coming to Hawaii in February 2022 compared to February 2021. Canada recorded a 54.8% drop and Korea a 93% drop. 1%.

When international travelers come to book their vacations in Hawaii, the travel industry must be ready.

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The Hawaii Tourism Authority is now launch of an industry survey determine the type of professional skills and training needed in the tourism industry. You can find more information by going to their website and complete the survey.