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Pandemic hasn’t halted Hawaii’s population decline as thousands more flock to mainland

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – Hawaii’s population continued to decline in 2021, largely because more residents left the state for the mainland than moved in, new Census Bureau estimates show.

Oahu saw the most dramatic decline, losing a net total of more than 12,300 residents.

Maui County also saw a decline in population – by just over 430 residents.

Meanwhile, the island of Hawaii gained more than 2,000 residents and Kauai County grew by about 250 people.

The Census Bureau estimated Hawaii’s population in July 2021 at 1,455,271. This is a drop of 0.7% or 10,358 people from the previous year.

Hawaii’s population has been declining for several years a

Oahu’s population in 2021 was 1,000,890, down 1.2% or 12,337 from the previous year.

The Census Bureau said emigration to the mainland caused Oahu’s population to decline.

Statewide, births still exceed deaths, but the gap between the two is narrowing. And Hawaii County and Kauai both recorded more deaths than births.

At national scale, over 73% of US counties saw more deaths than births in 2021. That’s about half of the previous year.

Experts said declining births, an aging population and rising mortality intensified by the COVID pandemic have contributed to the situation, the Census Bureau said.

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