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Hawaii Tourism shares update on rental car shortage

Hawaii, like many vacation destinations across the country, has been experiencing a rental car shortage for months as demand soars and inventory continues to run below average.

the Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) shared an update on the situation and advises booking a rental car before making other travel arrangements.


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If you can’t book a rental car due to the shortage, there are other modes of transportation you can take while traveling in Hawaii. Starting in July, Kauai County will launch its pilot shuttle program, which will take vacationers from Lihue Airport to resort areas. The plan was developed by Kauai residents in the HTA’s Kauai Destination Management Action Plan (DMAP). Maui is also developing a pilot shuttle program.

hypertension website offers helpful island-specific guides to ground transportation options. The island of kauai, for example, offers rideshares like Lyft, bicycle and e-bike rentals, numerous taxi companies, as well as public transit options. Website visitors can click on any of the transportation options they wish to learn more about and will be directed to their individual websites.

As early as April, vacationers had started renting moving vehicles to use as a means of transport. The HTA does not recommend renting a moving vehicle to use as transportation and instead encourages the use of one of the methods listed above.

To see full island-specific listings of alternative means of transport, please Click here.