Hawaii tourism

Hawaii Tourism Doomed in a few days?

The Omicron COVID Outlook for Hawaii is nothing short of catastrophic and shocking!

The report was found on the HiPAM website.

At the worst time of the COVID-19 pandemic, 100 new cases in Aloha State prompted statewide shutdowns. Until December 11, 100 new daily cases were worrying but continued for some time. Shops, restaurants, nightclubs remained open.

With the introduction of Omicron around December 11, new numbers of infections on the island of Oahu began to spin out of control. With more than 800 new infections today, HiPAM expected those numbers to rise in such a way that the 50th US state would be considered out of control when it comes to COVID-19.

By December 31, that number of new daily infections could well exceed 2,000 a day on New Year’s Eve and exceed 15,000 new daily infections in a state of less than 1.5 million people later in January.

Airlines and hotels are booked to receive visitors from all over the country and the world for the upcoming holidays.

With 34 hospital beds in use for COVID illnesses on December 11, that number is expected to rise to 370 by the end of the year, more than 10 times the current numbers. We could expect 70 intensive care beds to be in use by the end of this month, up from 8 on December 11.

The death rate is expected to climb from 1,018 since the start of the pandemic in March 2020 to 1,113 at the end of this month. Not knowing how deadly the new Omicron is, the predictions could get worse for January.

According to a report just published in Civil Beat, hospitalizations could reach 800 in January and 1,150 in February. It would be catastrophic. Experts say Hawaii doesn’t have the staff, beds and oxygen to handle such a demand on the healthcare system.

At the height of the pandemic, 404 COVID patients were in hospital in Hawaii on the worst day of their lives. At that time, 700 hospital staff were airlifted from other US states and medical tents were set up.

In a press release, HiPAM said it could provide a better and more accurate forecast if state health officials released data on the number of new Covid cases and hospitalized patients who had been vaccinated.

It’s unclear how many cases in Hawaii might be contributed to the Delta version or Omicron.

HiPAM speculates that omicron is behind a significant portion of the latest Covid surge, according to the Civil Beat report.

According to the report, Hawaii has enough ventilators to treat 800 COVID-19 patients, but there is not enough oxygen in the state. Oxygen cannot be transported by plane, because it is too risky to be transported by plane. Oxygen must be shipped by ocean freight. There is no more time to facilitate this.

So far Hawaii Governor Ige has not announced any restrictions and tourists are arriving in large numbers, especially for the upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays. Today the level of danger for the COVID in Hawaii has been taken to very high.