Hawaii population

Hawaii population climbs 7% in 10 years according to US census


    With strong waves, Waikiki was teeming with surfers, boogie boarders and sunbathers.

Hawaii’s population has grown 7% over the past decade, according to 2020 census data released today by the US Census Bureau.

The state had a population of 1,455,271, up 94,970 from the 2010 census.

The Census Bureau only released statewide data, not more detailed county-level data. The agency is expected to release more detailed figures later this year.

Figures previously released by the agency’s American Community Survey showed that the city and county of Honolulu had lost population in recent years.

In 2019, the Census Bureau said Honolulu had a population of 984,821. That was down more than 1% from 2015, when the population stood at 998,714.

Economists blamed the drop on Oahu’s high cost of living and the existence of better job opportunities in mainland states.

Hawaii neither gained nor lost any seats in Congress as a result of the census. Hawaii currently has two representatives in the United States House.

Nationally, the 2020 census estimated the U.S. population at 331,449,281.

Hawaii had the 40th largest population last year, ahead of states like Alaska, Rhode Island, Wyoming and Vermont. This is the same ranking Hawaii had in 2010.